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5 Seconds to Install...No Assembly!

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Crib Pop-up Safety Tent EXPERTS Designing & Manufacturing CRIB TENTS SINCE 1998 ‐ We have over 20 years’ experience. 

  • BABIES - TODDLERS - PARENTS All SLEEP AGAIN: With this net crib tent you can stop worrying about your child escaping and falling out of the crib. This Pop-up crib safety net tent effectively protects your little one from climbing, crawling or falling out, getting stuck between crib rails, pesky bug bites, losing toys, blankets and pacifiers from the crib. Start using our crib sleep tent to make sure your little one is sleeping soundly in a safe sleep zone. 
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: This crib popup tent is crafted with attention to detail, custom premium quality materials. Made strong to hold up to babies - toddlers' everyday use. See-through black crib netting helps baby to settle better and sleep longer, the colour black absorbs light and glare so you can easily see your baby at a glance. You can have total piece of mind knowing this Crib popup tent is designed and manufactured by Michelle and Ashley, the original trusted crib tent experts since 1998.
  • EASY TO SET UP: Setting up this Pop-up baby crib tent is a breeze. It takes only seconds to install, no assembly skills are required to install this baby safety net. Easily fits standard cribs, convertible cribs, and crib converted toddler beds. This baby crib tent is a safe sleep zone for your child you can use it for many years, making it a great investment in your child's safety and your sanity.
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Our Popup crib safety tents are independently tested to ensure they meet US CPSC Standards. We are here to help and available to answer questions.
  • DESIGNING CRIB TENTS SINCE 1998 ‐ I have over 20 years’ expertise in crib tent design, safety and manufacturing. We listen to our customers, work closely with parents to ensure our crib tents meet your needs. We take the safety of our products and your baby very seriously. Our market leading design and attention to quality and detail brings you the very best baby crib safety net- tent possible.
    • Best Popup Crib Tent to stop babies climbing out of their cribs. Reward yourself and your baby with a better more restful night's sleep.
    See-through "Starry Night" Black Netting!
    Baby Cr

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    Baby Cot Tents
    Sleepless Nights?

    Up all night putting your baby back in the crib
    It's time to get your sleep back with my Pop-up Crib Tent
    Babies love the secure cosy feeling the tent gives them and they sleep better!

    100% SAFE! Independently Tested to Meet and Exceed US CPSC Baby Product Safety Standards!

     "Safety is in the details" That only we know!

    Be Aware of Cheap Inferior Imitations! 



    Could It Really Be This EASY...To Keep Baby Safe!
    & Get A Good Night's Sleep? 

    The Answer is YESIf you want it you can have it!
    You can eliminate your stress and worry…Then you can all enjoy a Good Night’s Sleep!  

    Do any of these ring a bell with you?

    • Climbing Babies Oh No! Ever experienced going in to check on your baby only to find they are not in the crib?
      They had crawled-climbed out and got into goodness knows what.
    • Your baby wakes you up in the wee hours…only because their favorite toy, pacifier or bottle had fallen out of the crib?
    • Hearing your baby’s blood-curdling cry…when he/she has got his/her little legs and arms stuck in the crib slats and couldn’t move?

    • Do you worry that your baby will reach the curtains or blind cord and hurt themselves? Or worse.

    • Do you have a CAT in the house…and you are always wondering if you closed the door to the nursery?

    If you answered YES to any of these questions, you are not alone.

    In fact, that list of questions was created by talking to literally hundreds of new Moms and Dads about the problems and concerns they were facing.

    I have heard too many stories of precious little babies being seriously injured and even dying in crib accidents.

    These accidents are now preventable by fitting my Crib Pop-up Safety Tent to your baby's crib.

    "It Happened To Me"My son Ashley nearly died in a crib accident! - See my story to the right......."  >>>>

    Michelle and Ashley
    Aussie Cot Net Co Pty. Ltd ACN: 617407851 
    The Crib Tent Experts...20+ years experience in crib tent safety, design and manufacturing!
    Inventor, Designer Michelle Wackrow is contactable directly by email by phone 61 401812905


    How It All Began!
    Hello, my name is Michelle and it happened to me...
    My son Ashley nearly died in a cot accident!

    Ashley's Story...
    July 1998 It's 4 am! My Baby Ashley is crying, he's in pain. I found him with his little leg, arm and shoulder stuck tightly in the crib rails, he was face down with his head tilting back making it hard for him to breath.
    Yes, I panicked! I rushed Ashley to our local hospital, the Doctor told me "Ashley was very lucky as he would have suffocated left in that position”!
    That night I designed and made Ashley the very first Crib Safety Tent! Ashley slept safely. No getting stuck, No climbing or falling out of his crib!  
    Now thanks to Ashley this Crib Tent is giving babies worldwide a "Safe Sleep Zone" Since 1998
    2019 Ashley is a happy 21-year-old.

    Keep your baby safe at night


    Chaya wrote:

    "Michele, G-d bless you for your safety net. We brought home a toddler we are adopting. We had no idea he was an Olympic gymnast... Tonight we will finally get sleep. Our son did a double-take when he saw the setup. He fussed for 10 minutes; usually an hour or more of yelling and gymnastics is the nightly routine. He is sleeping so peacefully. Thank you for being an amazing, inventive and caring mom."

    Jacky wrote:

    "Hi! I'm so excited to receive your baby crib tent! We've been waking up at all hours of the day and night to our baby walking around ready to party! I think (hope!) he'll love being in a "clubhouse". I was wondering how fast we can get it here?? Can you hear the desperation?? Thanks for listening! "

    Amanda Burkins 
    'My baby fell out of my bed'

    "My 7 month old daughter was sleeping in my bed since she got stuck in the cot slats, all was well until she fell out onto the floor. A friend told me about your baby crib tent, it sounded great and I have bought one and fitted it to Sarah's cot. Now she is back sleeping safely in her cot thanks."

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