Has Your Child Become Part Of The Great Escape ?

Then you need Michelle's Crib Safety Tent to give you back your sleep and peace of mind.

Also for your sanity your child cannot escape from the Safety Crib Tents
as the child in the video does.

In the manufacturing of our Baby Crib Tents we have used a super strong
breathable mesh netting and an auto locking zipper.

Frequently Asked Questions...Answered

Q. Is the Crib Pop-up Safety Net safe and tested?
A. YES my Crib Pop-up Safety Net is Quality and Safety - Tried & Tested since 1998.

Q. What makes the Baby Crib Tent safe?
A. Research, product development, testing, more testing and materials used. My mesh fabric is soft, breathable and strong. The tailored style fits snugly to the inside of the crib so there is no loose fabric for a child to become tangled up in. The design is such that it does not rely on the frame of the crib to fit. The flexible spun wire frame is most important for safety and it will always bounce back to it's original shape. My Baby Crib Tent is an original and unique design of Aussie Cot Net Co and is an investment in your child's safety.

QWe have a tough little climber is it stronger than the other crib tents?

A. YES! I guarantee my crib tents are made very strong to cope with tough little climbers. My crib tents are the first the original and the best available. I have 20+ years of valuable experience designing my crib tents to guarantee they meet parents needs. The quality is in the details that only I know and only my expertise can guarantee. All Crib Tent intellectual property and design rights by me, myself, alone Michelle Wackrow Owner of Aussie Cot Net Co Pty Ltd. I am here to help and happy to talk with my valued customers at any time. "Because I care" Top of Form

Q. I am not very good at putting things together, is the baby crib tent easy to fit to the crib?
A. Good news it's as easy as 123 to fit to the crib. Nothing technical about it at all, you will have your crib net up in no time.

Q. What age is the crib net for?
A. You can use my crib net from when your baby is a new born and up to toddler age. If buying for a toddler please introduce their new crib net in a friendly way so they are excited to get their new princess castle or cubby, you get the idea. I have chosen a white satin trim with silver moons and stars because it is fun and child friendly, perfect for boy's and girl's.

Q. What is the crib size that the crib net fits?
A. My crib net has been designed to fit to the inside of the crib. By not relying on the frame of the crib for support my crib net fits all crib sizes and styles with a standard mattress size around, 51" (130cm) long x 27" (70cm) wide.

Q. Where should I have the base of the crib, high or low?
A. I had it high for Ashley as a baby and I left mine high because Ashley never had the opportunity to climb out, he already has his crib tent. There is more room in the zip opening if the base is low, if your base is set high use the cribs drop side to make more room for getting bub in and out.

Q. Can I still use the drop side of the crib?
A. Yes you can still use the drop side of the crib as the baby crib safety net does not attach to the top or the side at all.

Q. Do I have to take the crib net off to change the sheets on the crib?

A. You can easily make up the crib with the baby crib safety net in place.

Q. I have two cats do you think they will climb and sit on the baby crib safety net? 

FAQ'sA. The baby crib safety net is designed with flexible wire hoops, there is no solid area for the cat to sit on. Cats are intelligent animals, show your cat the crib tent is not for them, show the cat the tent moves and they will stay away. The crib tent flexible frame will always bounce back to it's original shape.

Q. Can my toddler reach the zip and open it on your crib tent? 
A. The zip is on the outside of the crib tent and closes at the top with the zip pulls only on the outside.

Q. Can I wash the net?
A. Yes the Baby Crib Tent is fully washable by hand washing in cool to warm water with mild natural soap. I prefer to use a wool wash liquid. It is best washed folded up and use the bath tub. The hoops prevent any machine washing.

Q. My baby's crib has different height ends, will the baby crib safety net still fit?
A. Yes we have designed our baby crib safety net to easily be fitted to all crib styles.

Q. The crib I own is a 3 in 1 that converts to a toddlers bed. Will you baby crib safety net fit?
A. Yes the Baby Crib Safety Net will fit just fine, because it is designed to fit inside the crib and doesn't attach to the top of the crib anywhere. It's like your favourite pair of trousers that fit you perfectly and touch you no where.

Q. How does the net stay under the mattress ?
A. The bottom of the net is shaped to hold it firmly under the mattress. 

Q. Can I get my child out quickly if there is an emergency?
Yes, the tent netting has a bottom opening and this sits snug under the mattress. Under normal circumstances the mattress holds the netting in position but in an emergency you can use a 'firm pull' to dislodge the tent to reach your child.

Q. Do you accept returns?
A. I stand behind my product and offer a full 90 day replacement if a fault occurs with normal day to day use eg: a zip breaks - You must stop using any faulty products immediately and remove them from the crib and provide us with full details of the fault in writing with photos asap. I supply my crib net in perfect condition and if you allow your child to break it then obviously it is not covered under the guaranteePlease introduce the pop-up crib net to your child in a friendly way and give your child time to get used to it and train your pets (cats) to stay off the net. We have a 14 day from purchase return policy.

Pre approval in writing from the seller is required before an item can be returned. Please note product refunds are given excluding the original included P&H. The customer will post the returning item by registered traceable post to a return address as supplied. Any agreed refund will be given to the customer once the item has been returned to the seller in new condition and in the original packaging. Please remember I am here to help and I pride myself on having satisfied happy customers, so please contact me directly.

Q. How secure is your website BabyCribTents.com?
A. Our site is 100% secure, you can shop with confidence. We use 128-bit encryption key over Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to provide the highest level of security. SSL provides encryption between web browsers and web servers.

Q. What shipping method do you use?
A. International orders are shipped with DHL express for 3 to 5 day door to door delivery world-wide.

Q. What payment methods do you accept?
A. We accept payment through PayPal our secure merchant gateway. If you are in Australia you can order by phone and pay by Post Office money order or bank deposit.

Aussie Cot Net Co,
Original Design Crib Pop-up Safety Net-Tent

As you can appreciate there has been a lot of research and development undertaken before I started selling my crib tent.
My crib popup safety net has been years in development and testing. The main safety feature is my spun wire flexible frame, it is light weight and will always pop back to it's original shape and position.
I sell many of my crib nets to medical foster parents for special needs children and to other related government departments in the USA.


My Crib Pop-up Safety Net is quality tested and safety certified.

Aussie Cot Net Co products meet the highest quality standards and are guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and workmanship at the date of purchase. I have been making and selling my crib nets for over 20 years and have conducted product testing and parent surveys at major baby expos, with great success.

The Baby Crib Tent is suitable and preferable to use from birth.
I have chosen a super strong breathable mesh netting and an auto locking zipper in my manufacturing.

If you are buying the crib net for an older toddler please introduce it in a child friendly way for example, "look a princess castle" or "look a princes castle".
I am here to help, so if you have a questions please contact me. Michelle Wackrow Manager, Aussie Cot Net Co.

I Get Asked How My Crib Nets Are Different From The Recalled
'Tots In Mind' Tents.

'Tots In Mind' tents were recalled in 2010 following the report of injuries that occurred as far back as January 1997. 'Tots In Mind' tents had 2 main safety issues.

  • Firstly they did not fit most cribs or play pens, this meant parents modified the tents to try and make them fit. This was very unsafe.
  • Secondly the frame used by 'Tots In Mind' was a heavy rigid frame that attached to the top rail of the crib.

This was an unsafe design as when the attachment clips broke or loosened a child could become entrapped between the top rail of the crib and the tent. When any weight went on top of the frame from say a cat or toy, the frame collapsed onto the child in the crib. Often, damaged tents continued to be used and this caused more accidents.

Ms Michelle Wackrow
Manager, Aussie Cot Net Co



Rebecca Skoog - 27/3/2015

What a beautiful crib ten!  Amazingly fast shipping!  Our son seems to like it.  We're praying he will sleep better because of it.  I know we'll enjoy peace of mind.  It is so nice.  Everything we had hoped for.  Brilliant design!

Lyndsey Witmer  30/5/2015

There is nothing worse than contacting a business about a concern and getting no response. I can assure you that this is something you will never experience when dealing with Michelle Wackrow, the inventor of this AMAZING product. I contacted her about my concerns surrounding my twin 2 1/2 year olds and she immediately responded and was willing to help in any way possible.

At their age, my children have perfected the art of climbing out of their cribs. Due to the fact that I live in a small apartment, there are a lot of things in their room that are not child-proofed, and I was always concerned about them getting hurt while roaming the room. They would wake up in the morning and stealthily climb out so that I could not hear them, and then they would tear apart the room until I would finally hear them and wake up. In reality they are probably ready for toddler beds, but they are very destructive children, and I do not have the space to remove everything from their room in order to keep them safe. This pop up safety net has been a godsend.

It keeps my children safe, and I don't have to worry anymore about them getting hurt. The safety net took literally 5 minutes to put up and is absolutely beautiful with the white color that is covered in iridescent moons and stars (along the top and bottom). My boys are a bit older than most using a safety net, but I told them that it was a tent and made it sound really cool and they have loved it since day one.

They sleep through the night with no problems and now I sleep through the night since I don't have to worry about them anymore. I cannot say enough good things about this product and Michelle. When I say that this crib pop-up safety net and Michelle have been blessings, I truly mean that. As a mother, I can say with extreme certainty that you WILL be satisfied with this product. It is one product I will always stand by and tell every mother about!

I cannot put into words my gratitude to Michelle for inventing such a wonderful and quality product!