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Are you constantly putting your climbing baby back in the crib? It's time to get your sleep back!  
Stop your baby climbing out of the crib - NOW         
My Pop-up Crib Safety Net - Crib Tent...... is exactly what you are looking for!
Crib Tents - Safety & Quality - Tried & Tested...... satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!

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Hello, I'm Michelle Wackrow Inventor, Designer and owner of Aussie Cot Net Co and like you my child's safety comes first. I have been making quality crib tents since 1998 when I designed the Baby Crib Safety Tent to keep my son Ashley safe in his crib.

I am excited to be sharing my invention with you now. I have exactly what you are looking for to make your baby's crib a safe sleep zone...... and stop babies and toddlers climbing and falling out of the crib! Get your sleep back!

baby crib sleep tent

Pop-up Crib Safety Net is #1 for crib you total peace of mind and a good nights sleep. The crib tent- net closes securely with an auto lock zip. The strong, soft to touch breathable mesh netting sits inside the crib, has a fitted bottom that holds firmly under the mattress there is no loose netting so your child can't get tangled. Your precious baby is now protected. No cats or bugs get in and no babies get out. Babies sleep better they love the cosy feeling the tent gives them. I have it on good authority my crib tents "Keep the monsters out" Stop babies and toddlers climbing and falling out of the crib! 

Aussie Cot Net Co Is The Only Company Qualified To Make The Original And The Best Baby Crib Safety Net- Tent! Quality & Safety Tried & Tested Since 1998
Aussie Cot Net Co is a registered business, complies with all safety standards, best business practices and has all necessary licences.
Owner Michelle Wackrow is contactable directly by email by phone 61 401812905 or pop in at the office 93 Voyagers Drive, Banksia Beach, Bribie Island, Queensland 4507 Australia.

Aussie Crib Tents...Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back!

Top 5 Reasons You Need My Crib Tent

Aussie Baby Tents - The Only Safe Solution! Quality & Safety Tried & Tested!

Don't Delay Buy Today! Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back!   

1. Sleepless Nights? Were you up all night putting your climbing baby back in the crib? Now it's time to get your sleep back!     

2. Climbing Baby: Your baby is not sleeping day or night ! Climbing and falling out of the crib at every chance. You need a safe way to keep him/her in the crib and back to sleeping well. You just found it!  

3. Insects: You need to protect your precious baby from dirty nasty insects like cockroaches, spiders, mosquitoes and more….

4. Baby Stuck: Your baby gets his or her little shoulder, arm and leg dangerously stuck between the crib slats, the same way my baby Ashley did. You need a safe way to prevent this happening.

5. Cats: Your looking for a way to cat proof your baby's crib because you are not willing to take any chances with your baby's safety. Cats are intelligent animals, show your cat the crib tent is not for them, show the cat the tent moves.

Disclaimer: Aussie Cot Net Co is the designer of the Crib Pop-up Safety Net and Travel Crib Pop-up Safety Net.
All care is taken to produce and supply a quality product free from defect.
The buyer is responsible for the secure installation of the product. If the product is damaged at any time stop using it and remove it from the crib.
Children must be supervised by a responsible adult.

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Baby Crib TentBaby Crib Tents - How to stop the baby climbing and falling out of the crib - Quality and Safety - Tried and Tested - Safe Crib Tents Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back
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